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Service Braintree at Steve Mott & Co. – Your local Bosch Car Service

We carry out Servicing in Braintree, Essex.

Servicing is an essential part of your vehicle’s maintenance schedule. To ensure the longevity, most manufacturer’s recommend servicing to be carried out every 12 months or 10,000 miles, whichever is soonest. Defects on your vehicle can develop at any time therefore it’s important to have your car serviced on time with us.  See the importance of engine oil here.

Under manufacturer’s warranty?

We carry out service and maintenance work in accordance with manufactures specification. So, when your vehicle is serviced with us, you maintain your manufacturer’s warranty.

Low mileage / Short Journeys?

Low mileage and shorter journeys put a greater strain on your vehicle engine oil. It’s therefore just as important to you have your car serviced annually and/or when you reach the mileage interval (typically 10,000 to 12,000 miles), whichever is soonest.

Electric / Hybrid MOT, Service & Repair

Braintree Essex

Electric and Hyrbid Cars Braintree

Electric & Hybrid Servicing

Hybrid Vehicles: As well as a rechargeable battery, Hybrid vehicle still have an Internal Combustion Engine and requires an annual engine service in the same manner as normal car.

Electric Vehicles: Powered by a rechargeable battery, the engine part of a service is of course not applicable, such as oil and fuel filters. However, all other elements of a ‘normal service’ such as Brake Fluid, Pollen Filters, Screen wash, Tyre pressures and overall vehicle condition is all relevant and recommended in accordance with manufacturer specification (typically annually).

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