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We carry out MOT test in Braintree, Essex

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MOT Braintree at Steve Mott & Co. – Your local Bosch Car Service

We carry out MOTs in Braintree, Essex.

Your vehicle is required to have an MOT test when your car is 3 years old and then annually after that. Governed by the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency), the MOT test sets out the minimum requirement for road worthiness. Items that require attention in the future are highlighted on your test certificate.

In the event of MOT failure, we can carry out any repairs required to get you back on the road. Defects can develop at any time so it’s important to get your MOT done in plenty of time.


Did you know? We can carry out your MOT test up to a calendar month in advance, and still preserve your expiry date.

Vans & Commercials – Class VII MOT

We carry out Class 7 MOT tests for Vans & Commercials 

Good Vehicles over 3,000kg up to 3,500kg design gross weight.

What’s included in an MOT (Ministry of Transport) test?

Initially when mandatory testing was introduced only three elements were tested – Brakes, Steering & Lights. Things have developed some what since then and the MOT test now has many other checks including:

Full Vehicle Inspection: Including a raised ramp inspection, interior checks such as seatbelts and an all-over visual inspection.

Brake Test: Often on a rolling road, the efficiency of your vehicle’s brakes are tested to ensure they meet DVSA standards.

Emissions Test: As environmental concerns become more and more important, vehicles are being adapted to produce less pollutants. Because of this, an emissions test is carried out to ensure your vehicle is operating within the tolerances outlined by the manufacturer.

Electric / Hybrid MOT, Service & Repair

Braintree Essex

Electric & Hybrid MOT

Just like other vehicles, Electric & Hybrid vehicles require an MOT test once they are 3 years old and then each year subsequently.

Should your vehicle unfortunately fail its MOT test, don’t worry, our team have the capabilities to carry out any repairs required to get you back on the road.

We're Electric Vehicle Ready!

MOT Braintree at Steve Mott & Co. Bosch Car Service

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