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Electric & Hybrid Repair Braintree

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Electric & Hybrid Vehicle MOT, Service & Repair Braintree.

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At Steve Mott & Co. we can look after all of Electric & Hybrid Repair

in Braintree, Essex.

We're Electric Vehicle Ready!

Electric & Hybrid vehicles still require much of the same maintenance & repair as other vehicles:

  • MOT
  • Service
  • Air Conditioning 
  • Tyres
  • Brakes
  • Diagnostics
  • Wheel Alignment 
  • & More!

We can look after your Electric & Hybrid Vehicles Braintree!

Electric & Hybrid MOT

Just like other vehicles, Electric & Hybrid vehicles require an MOT test once they are 3 years old and then each year subsequently.

Should your vehicle unfortunately fail its MOT test, don’t worry, our team have the capabilities to carry out any repairs required to get you back on the road.

Electric & Hybrid Repair Braintree

Electric & Hybrid Servicing

Hybrid Vehicles: As well as a rechargeable battery, Hybrid vehicle still have an Internal Combustion Engine and requires an annual engine service in the same manner as normal car.

Electric Vehicles: Powered by a rechargeable battery, the engine part of a service is of course not applicable, such as oil and fuel filters. However, all other elements of a ‘normal service’ such as Brake Fluid, Pollen Filters, Screen wash, Tyre pressures and overall vehicle condition is all relevant and recommended in accordance with manufacturer specification (typically annually).

Electric / Hybrid MOT, Service & Repair

Braintree Essex

As a member of the Bosch Car Service network we work to an Approved standard which ensures your peace of mind when entrusting your car to us.

Did you know that the Office of Fair trading (OFT) reported that consumers no longer have to have their car serviced by a franchise dealer to comply with the manufacturers warranty.

From the OFT report: “Servicing at franchise dealers is typically more expensive than servicing at independent garages, averaging £199 and £116 respectively without any apparent difference in the quality of service offered.”
Taken from the OFT bulletin 85/04.

So why not call us now and put your mind to rest and our service to the test! – 01376 553688